Greetings to my english readers!

As you might have noticed, last posts in the blog have only been in estonian. Sorry about that, because mainly the blog is focused to local investors and on the other side I just haven’t always had the time or power to translate my thoughts to English. In this post some correction of mistakes will be done!

Since beginning of June, the portfolio has increased more than 100%, but still we are far from 1k checkpoint. In estonian written articles, all information regarding portfolio size, has been somewhat turned off. I have my own reasons for that.

If no extraordinary funds will be transferred to isePankur, then I doubt that the 1k goal will be reached by the end of this year. The main focus today is set on cashflows. In the beginning of 2013, the 32 euro cashflow per month goal was set and it will be completed most latest on October. So next target will be 40 euro and after that 50 euro cashflow per month. If I look back to the 32 euro goal, then it was not too easy to reach, but a lot extraordinary funds helped. I put couple hundred more euros to isePankur in June and July and this has drastically made target catching easier.

Why 32 euro target, you ask? Back in crown era, the biggest nominal we had in here, was 500 crowns. So it is still some kind of setpoint for me and pretty often I find myself comparing money back to crowns. (FYI, Estonia adapted euro in 01.01.2011).

The other goal is to hold return 15% or higher. It was not long ago, while the portfolio was showing much poorer numbers (like 4-10%). This return is based on isePankur XIRR calculations. But! But luckyly Claus (from Wiseclerk) and oktaeder (from isePankur forum) introduced me different kind of XIRR calcuation method. This is much more interesting for me and this is why new „sheet“ is made for return in this blog (see the „Tootlus“ section under the header). I will try to update this page once a week, preferrably on Sundays.

In future, I will try to invest more in A1000 credit score applications, starting with 20% and more interest rate. As You know, isePankur spread it’s doings also to Finland. For today, due to the isePakkuja limitations, I have deleted almost every isePakkuja profile I had. If this „bug“ will be fixed, then I believe new profiles will be again activated. Unfortunately I have one loan from Finland in my portfolio, but I sincerely hope it will come back (the borrower is having previous loan history in Estonia). I don’t hate Finland, I just would like to see how thing will work out with that market. 🙂

If any questions arise, please do not hesitate to contact me via Facebook or write Your questions in the commentaries.

All the best!


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